Quantum has an ongoing commitment to its drivers, staff and clients to exceed all compliance expectations within the Transport industry. Our dedicated team at Quantum are always striving to continuously improve this commitment through the implementation of documentation and training programs within all areas of compliance.


These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Chain of responsibility;

  • Fatigue management;

  • Load restraint and load management;

  • Dangerous goods;

  • Code of conduct;

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Risk Assessments - ongoing

  • Drugs and alcohol; and

  • Speed management. 

 Quantum’s management team are required to undertake ongoing training, education and accreditation to ensure that the services they provide do not breach compliance legislation, including:

  • Basic Fatigue Management accreditation;

  • TLIF0003 - Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure chain of responsibility compliance through CoR Australia; and

  • Engistics load restraint training.


Quantum’s compliance expertise relieves it's clients from the ongoing pressure and costs associated with managing the legislative compliance requirements. Our expert teams can ensure that our service will meet your transport needs, without breaching any heavy vehicle laws. Additionally, all of our compliance documentation can be tailor made to meet your individual business needs and expectations.







Quantum is committed to achieving a safe and healthy work environment for all workers and other persons at the workplace. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our Work Health and Safety (“WHS”) performance and the elimination of workplace injury and illness. Our objective is to ensure all workers are able to work in an environment which doesn’t cause harm to them and where they contribute to the development of work health and safety within our business. 


Quantum’s Safety Manager is continuously implemented, and updating a number of policies, procedures and manuals to guide, education and train our drivers in workplace health and safety, including:

  • Work health and safety policy and manual;

  • Risk management policy and procedure;

  • Hazard observation procedure; and

  • Incident management procedure.

Additionally, all of our work health and safety documentation can be tailor made to meet your individual business needs and expectations. All incidents, breaches, hazards, near misses, MVI’s, LTI’s and MTI’s are investigated completely in house by Quantum staff. All investigation documentation is given back to our clients with appropriate recommendations. 


These recommendations can be administered by our safety manager, or may be taken internally based on our client’s needs. Our incident management system was designed by CoR Australia and is the most up-to-date documentation for investigation health and safety breaches.



With up to 220 trucks driving on Australia’s roads every day, Quantum are required to govern the working behaviours, productivity and quality of its increasing workforce. Our Human Resources Manager is constantly working with our business, our drivers and our clients to ensure our work meets all expectations.


Areas that we pride ourselves on include:

  • Recruitment and selection;

  • HR advise;

  • Training and development;

  • Consultation and workplace grievance resolution;

  • Misconduct, performance and worker behaviour investigation;

  • Security;

  • Performance appraisals; and

  • Industrial and Workplace Relations.

Quantum’s ability to take all human resource management expertise alleviates our current client base of any requirements to handle the workings of this extended workforce. All developments, investigations,


documentations, recommendations and conclusions are reported directly back to our clients as they progress.

Our policies and procedures cover all areas related to transport industry human resources, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace behaviours;

  • IT and social media;

  • Misconduct in the workplace;

  • Motor vehicle accidents;

  • Drugs and alcohol;

  • Underperformance;

  • Equal employment opportunity;

  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment;

  • Restraint of trade;

  • Confidentiality; and

  • Mobile phones in the workplace.

All of our HR documentation can be tailor made to meet your individual business needs and expectations.